Uno Turbo with attitude.

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After being hit in the rear a complete rebuild of the back end was in order,

The twin pipes look good and sounded even better. Nice job when finished.

No more pictures of this but it ended up looking the dog’s whiskers.


Paul's Latest Project








Evo 11 Integrale 1994.

Details as follows:

Car was imported from Dubai,

We think it had a fair bit of work undertaken prior to it reaching the U.K.  It just felt different.

During the next couple of years it was garaged and did M O T mileage,

Since then it’s been fitted with a paddle clutch, larger stainless exhaust with cat by pass pipe,                                               

new belts and water pump, new coolant pipes,

reworked cylinder head, bigger turbo, chipped ECU,


 List to be added to ...........work in progress.